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01 Oct Tweeting, Posting, and Linking: 2 Social Media Tips

social-media-tipsWhen ready to surf the social media channels, consider a couple of quick social media tips.

All of our clients believe in social media—some actively practice good social media habits and others think that social media should be left to the millennials.   But, in today’s world, you are no one without your social media.  Here are a couple of quick suggestions on how and when you should be extending your message through social media.

Be a planner and know your audience

The first step is to when creating a social media editorial calendar is to determine your target audience and content strategy for each individual network.

We are a big fan of Twitter and LinkedIn when just starting out with social media messaging. Check out what we have done for one of our favorite clients here. Or even here.

Create a social media schedule

Now that you have the workflow mapped out for each social media network, you need to decide when to post to each platform. Each social media schedule will be different, influenced by campaign details, how your followers engage with your posts and the best time of day to post.

Here are some guidelines we like to use with our clients:

  • Facebook: 3 – 10x / week
  • Twitter: 5x / week (minimum)
  • LinkedIn: 5x / week (maximum)

At Kadie Solutions, we know how to get you noticed, guide you in surfing the social media channels, and amplify and extend your messages. Ready to get started or want more social media tips? Contact us today!