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04 May Twitter Me This: Do More Tweets Mean More Business? Twitter Tips for All

Twitter TipsIs your time on twitter and other social media really worth the investment? Does it genuinely impact your growth and increase your sales?

Here at Kadie Solutions we are believers … and so are our clients.

We’ve seen first-hand the difference effective and creative tweets can make to the bottom line.

When our clients connect with their customer-base via social media, great things happen. Relationships are strengthened, customer satisfaction rises, and the overall customer experience becomes truly unique. The more your customers know your thoughts and actions behind-the-scenes, the more they’ll trust you, and ultimately the more loyal they’ll be to your brand. Loyalty leads to more business and greater opportunities… more growth. And better yet, more sales.

After watching our clients gain new organic followers, grow meaningful connections, and reach results on twitter, we came up with a few Twitter tips of our own:

CONNECT with Current Customers.

In other words, don’t just talk to them, but talk with them. Interact, engage, compliment. Show your gratitude to those who already follow you. Invest some time in reading their tweets and other social media posts. Comment on their posts, “like” their tweets, let them know you know who they are and appreciate them. Re-tweet or re-post their thoughts or images too, especially if those posts are about your product or service. We found a lot of information nuggets in this article about how to connect and create a positive customer culture through social media.

SATISFY your Customer-Base.

Once you connect, be sure to tap into that connection to discover ways you can further fulfill your customers’ wants and needs. Use social media to find out what your customers are thinking and learn what they care about. Satisfied customers will remain loyal to your brand and lead others to you as well. We like the spin this Business 2 Community article has on the subject. Link over to gain insight into specific ways to build your customer satisfaction.

REACH New Customers.

Go ahead, look at who follows your competitors on social media. See who is engaging with businesses like yours. If it seems they may be a good candidate for you, connect with them. Comment, “like”, follow. Use hashtags and visuals that will reach your target audience. We believe in utilizing social media as tools to bring more and more of your target customer face-to-face with who you are and what you do. Do some research of your own, explore the social media channels and see which businesses in your niche have a large following and popular presence, and imitate the ideas that work.

BUILD Your Reputation.

Social media is an excellent way to showcase your strengths, respond expediently to issues, and truly tell your story in order to build up your company in the eyes of your current customer and those seeking to find your product or service. Use social media to do just that. Tell your story. Show them something unique you offer. Give them some insight. Let them see some glimpses of what you offer that they need. React swiftly to them if challenges are brought to your attention. Your customers will notice.


It seems to us here at Kadie Solutions that the posts and tweets that get the most attention, the most re-tweets, the most engagement, and therefore the most results, are often the ones that use humor and wit or a striking visual. Have a little fun with puns, show a bit of your quirky personality, reveal a successful moment or event. Customers like to know and see the people behind the product or service. Of course you want to stay professional, but be fun professionally.

MEASURE the Results.

As with anything in life, if you know the stats and the metrics, you can more adequately address the weaknesses, enhance the strengths and ultimately be more effective. We found a great source for measuring your investment with social media via Cision. Click here for a 9-Step guide for measuring your ROI.

Are you ready to let your company’s voice be heard? Are you ready for real business growth? Do you want more Twitter tips?

We would love to share our ideas and thoughts on how to make your social media efforts contribute to your organization’s wealth and success.

Tweets, posts, and a solid social media presence can lead to more business. You just need the right strategies, the right solutions partner, and time.  (And that is us – contact us today.)