The Role of Marketing

12 Feb Ready for a Little Role Playing? The Role of Marketing

The Role of MarketingFinding the right marketing person (singular) is not the easiest of tasks for a company. You may hire someone with desirable skills, but find that you need more as business grows and changes over a year. With just one person running your marketing, you’re likely missing valuable opportunities.

What you needed two months ago, for example – a small digital presence, may evolve into a larger role six months from now. Analyzing and using data, meanwhile – well, that could change every day! So, when thinking about how to fill the marketing function of your company, think about a little role playing…

Here are some of the roles of marketing you need to consider:

Digital Marketing

The world of digital marketing includes the functions of web, search, social media, e-mail, digital advertising and media buying. This category has seen tremendous growth and change over the past decade as the number of channels has exploded. Audiences, meanwhile, continue to become more and more fragmented. The old mass-marketing approach no longer works. We’ve learned that the real opportunity is in convergence — in creating strategies that leverage multiple channels rather than silos. How does your marketing cross over all channels?

Content Marketing

Content has become an especially critical component of the modern approach to marketing. Everything we do as marketers now involves some kind of content that has to be designed as “channel appropriate,” meaning that the format, length and relevancy must work in that channel. You cannot run a two-minute video in a display ad.

Thanks to analytics, we help our clients assess a piece of content and understand how it fits into a marketing campaign. We can see the immediate impact from the content. And based on those pesky data points, we can also help our clients determine what kind of content works at what stage of a customer’s decision journey: when do you want slides, videos, or even a book?  Check out some of our examples.

Customer Experience

Many people might think of marketing as purely an “outbound” function in which we are reaching out to potential customers. “Inbound” marketing is another evolving area in the world of marketing that ties directly to the customer decision journey, where we need to engage with customers wherever they are in their journey. We created a new position called a “customer engagement specialist” (what we used to call a “prospect development specialist”), whose role is to create deeper and more intelligent conversations with potential customers who have questions they want us to answer.

So…we’ve covered just three roles of marketing  – there are, of course, many more. As your needs change and your business grows – ask yourself, “Is my marketing working?” We bet there’s some hesitation in the answer…contact us today and let us show you the difference.