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Feeling like you don’t have the time or resources to get new business?

Let us set your business on fire with Spark! Our marketing consultant services will increase your revenue, expand your reach, and help you achieve your goals with our customized program, delivered in just one month! We know, it sounds pretty amazing. Here’s what you’ll get:

50 new business leads (email and US mail contacts)

Customized, branded marketing package

SWOT analysis of your marketing efforts, including social media

In-depth competitor analysis (including social media, advertising, web-presence)

Spark! Results:

Delivers in 30 days to your business.

Marketing package includes two email templates, one direct mail piece and 10 social media messages (including graphics and text).

One phone consultation on your current business state; one in-person meeting to set your business on fire.

Do you want to know what your competition is doing?

Get a free market analysis of your competition.

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