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03 Feb Sales Tips: Say Hello with a Purpose, Don’t Spam

This week, there was a great article circulating through my LinkedIn network about touching base with your pursuits.  I laughed out loud when I read it, partially because it was dead on.  You touch base with family and friends, you don’t touch base with clients you are pursuing.

But it got me thinking. How can you stay top of mind with clients while being purposeful, not spammy? That led me to write this blog post with my one sales tip I’d like to share.

We work with some great clients.  I have one client with an extensive (as well as exceptional) sales team and once in a while I have a chance to hear their cold calls. This example shows a great example of spam:

“Hi, this is Bob Smith and I am calling to tell you that with Marriott coming to downtown Bethesda, that will bring 2000 cars to the area. I would like to talk to you about some solutions for you.”

Now that would be great if our client was in the parking garage business, but they are not — they are in the commercial office leasing business.

Perhaps the young, budding broker could have said:

“Hi, this is Bob Smith, I work with tenants like yourself in the Bethesda office market.  Everyone is talking about Marriott coming to Bethesda. Sure, that is exciting for Marriott, but did you know your rent could be driven up, parking concessions could be eliminated from your lease, and your employees could be facing a commuting nightmare?”

Now, that is a purposeful call. It also positions the budding broker as an expert, and a resource and solutions provider.

Same thing goes for email messaging. Don’t just send an email because it is Thursday and you closed a big deal this week. Who cares? Call your family because those are the only people who are going to care about your big deal closing. Unless you have news that could make your customer’s life easier, better, wiser, don’t send that email.

Back to my young, budding broker.  He is a great guy, but he is also very smart and very knowledgeable about the Bethesda market. He is a marketing person’s dream come true. He also looks like he walked out of a JCrew magazine and has the social skills of a southern debutante, but again, a different topic for a different day. But here is what makes him a dream come true—he has information to share that will make his customers smarter, better and richer.

Each quarter, along with the other brokers, he packages market intel into a spiffy market report. He talks about vacancy rates, average rents, showcases recent transactions in the market, along with market trends and news.

For 4Q, 2016, the email subject headline read: What is Hot in Bethesda? A whopping 35 percent of his prospects read (not clicked thru, but downloaded the market report).  As a side bar, average email read rate ranges anywhere from 8-12 percent.

Who would you rather be—the smart, solutions providing, resource or the guy calling to repeat local business news?  Remember that when you are sending customer emails and making prospecting calls.

And how does Kadie Solutions come into play with regards to making your team smarter, savvier, and more resourceful?  Well, we wrote that Bethesda market report and crafted those email campaigns.

Just another way how we work with clients to grow their business, connect messages with the right audience, and empower our clients to compete (and win) business. For more sales tips, be sure to give us a shout!