Marketing is Hard

20 Dec Have You Seen My Unicorn? Why Marketing is Hard

marketing is hard

We get it – marketing is hard. We know you want to grow your business, reach new customers and retain existing ones, but chances are as a small business owner you often feel overwhelmed. Many companies with fewer than 20 people lack the budget for in-house marketing staff, and often don’t realize the skill set and expertise that comes with hiring an agency.

As you finalize your budget for 2017, we hope you consider adding hiring a marketing firm to your wish list. And to move you toward hiring us, here’s our top five reasons why you should contact us today:

One size never fits all

Marketing is a really, really, REALLY broad term and hiring is no small feat. No one job description fits the bill – what, exactly does marketing mean and what can I expect from an in-house marketing manager?

Truthfully? Not that much. Now maybe in some alternate universe exists a mythical unicorn who can code, design logos and graphics, write like Hemingway, manage social media and optimize your site but in reality, you’ll never find one person with all these skill sets. Or, if you do, you’ll never afford the salary.

Marketers are promoters

Just for the sake of argument let’s pretend you somehow find several unicorns to interview for your in-house marketing manager position. Do you know what to ask? Are you fluent in marketing speak? How do you know if someone really has the skills, versus just spewing buzzwords? Remember, marketers promote…and that means many are skilled in the art of…ahem, b.s. Can you tell the difference?

If you’re not a marketer, you probably can’t tell if someone really has skills or really just looks good on paper. Resumes are often misleading and don’t convey passion. And when interviewing, you likely don’t know which questions to ask, which metrics to focus on and often will focus on the wrong candidates. With Kadie Solutions, our proven track record speaks for itself. We know our stuff and our clients will attest to that!

Unicorns are expensive

…and that’s the main reason why marketing is hard. Let’s pretend you can sniff out the most talented unicorn from the pack, and you hire that person. You’ve got to pay salary, benefits, holiday pay and other benefits; you have to hope the new hire fits in with your business culture; and you have to do some training. All of that takes time AND money, neither of which you likely can spare. Right?

What if you spend all of that time, resources and money and the person isn’t a good fit? Back to square one.

10 unicorns for the price of one

What if we told you there’s a way to save time, money, headaches AND get access to a specialized, highly trained team? What if we provided an entire flock of unicorns, but at less than the cost of one in-house manager?

At Kadie Solutions, our team brings specialized services to the table, from coding to graphics, social to public relations. With us, you don’t have to worry about long-term commitments (although those are nice!), and you can easily scale your marketing up or down depending on needs and budget. And, perhaps most importantly – while you get multiple people with multiple skills, you’ve only got one arse to kick!

Kadie Solutions is a tight-knit, highly trained and passionate team with the know-how and training that cost too much for in-house. The expertise we offer is hard to replicate.

As an introduction to our services, check out our latest offer – Spark! In less than 30 days, we deliver 50 new leads plus a customized marketing package. Give Spark! a try and let us set your business on fire – we can almost guarantee you’ll turn into one of our long-time clients!