marketing goals and objectives

23 Jan The Difference Between Marketing Goals & Objectives

Sometimes, when we discuss marketing goals and objectives with a client we get that glazed-eye look that screams, ‘huh’? We remember that look – we had it in college and it appears on occasion during our staff meetings. Generally, it’s a look that says, ‘I’ve lost interest in what you’re talking about, perhaps because it is boring or maybe because I don’t understand. WMarketing Goals & Objectives width=hatever the reason, I am no longer listening.”

We get it. Goals and objectives may prove as interesting as discussing KPIs, pouring through data or analyzing your latest Twitter insights. We, of course find all of this fascinating. Other people, probably not so much.

Still, if you haven’t hired us (for some weird reason) and are doing your own marketing, goals and objectives are two things you’ve got to really consider. No, they aren’t the same thing and yes, it’s important to know that!

So, what’s the difference?

In short, goals are broad and objectives specific. Goals are somewhat similar to a mission statement – they communicate a broad, long-term direction and overall picture of a business’ aspirations. They aren’t specific, aren’t measurable and don’t include details on how to achieve them. They do, however, provide a direction for a marketer.

Objectives, on the other hand, are very specific actions that help achieve stated goals. They should be SMART: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. Objectives are detailed action items that help achieve goals. And while measuring goals is mostly subjective, marketing objectives quantify success.

Make sense?

If not, here’s a short example. A marketing goal could include increasing revenue. A corresponding objective, then, could include contacting 10 new customers each week. The goal is general – increase revenue, and the objective is specific. In this case, that objective would need a specific time frame that’s realistic and achievable.

Marketing goals and objectives are equally important in your marketing plan, and help you stop wasting time or money. Proper planning goes a long way, and really makes a difference. If your marketing plan needs some fine tuning, or you don’t have one, contact us today.