Getting Uncomfortable for Results

Cartersville, Georgia, USA

07 Jun Getting Uncomfortable for Results

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6 AM, I have my ass kicked.   Full-on sweating, red faced, begging for mercy sort of ass-kicking.  And I love every minute of it.  Finally.  Two months later.

But when I started my 6 AM ass-kicking, I hated every minute of it.  I would often think to myself, “ I don’t look that out of shape”  (trust me, it was/is that bad) or “ Maybe just once a week and then I will be ready for a bikini.”    More like ready in 100 weeks from now.

And how did results happen for me? I trusted the process and decided to trust my trainer.  I told her what I wanted to achieve and she kicked me to that point. Well, not really kicking but there are times when I hear her yell, “Give me more Karen! You got this!”

Trust. It is the foundation of everything.  And it can only start when you are honest with yourself and the results you are seeking. With trust, you can get comfortable with being uncomfortable. And when you get uncomfortable, results start happening.

For business owners and key decision makers, inviting someone in to handle the promotion, amplification, and management of your organization’s messaging is scary.  Giving my team access to how you interact with customers or access to customer buying history can be even scarier.  How do you know if my team can help you achieve results for your operation?

You have to trust.  Look at our past results and decide what your business could look like with Kadie Solutions.  Is it increased revenue? Larger market share? Bigger online presence?  There is a reason why you are thinking about ramping up your marketing or hiring marketing talent.  And that is where I come in.

I am going to push you for marketing results. I am going to take you to uncomfortable places with your marketing.  We are going to explore some ugly truths about your business. But when I know what results you want and where you want your organization to go, those results will be yours.

Ready to get uncomfortable? Ready for results? Email me at

And by the way, I burned 495 calories in 45 minutes in today’s class.