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14 Jul 5 Tips for Finding Social Influencers

Your message on the Internet superhighway is being heard. Maybe not by the masses, but your message is out there.

But finding a big mouth (i.e., high-powered influencer) can put your message into viral overdrive. A single retweet, blog link or public compliment can do more than you think – and finding social influencers isn’t as hard as you think it might be.

So what can you do to improve your chances of an influencer noticing and sharing your content online? Start by following the five simple rules to finding social influencers below.

Praying to the social media Gods won’t help.

Let’s start with an unfortunate truth for those on the hunt for influencers’ attention. Trying to reach out via social media likely won’t cut it. With anywhere from a few hundred to a few hundred thousand Twitter mentions and/or Facebook comments per day, influencers simply won’t have the time or opportunity to see your message. You can go ahead and try, but the chance of an influencer hearing you might be slimmer than winning the lottery. As for an in-person encounter — forget it.

Creative whispering is needed.

You want to get the influencer’s ear. Since simple social media outreach likely won’t do the trick, you’ll need to find ways to get creative. Getting in touch with an influencer’s official PR agency or management team is a decent step, as is mining closer connections for an introduction. But for most influencers, making contact in a unique or innovative way can be key to the introduction.

Wear your emotions on your social sleeve.

Show some passion! Hand in hand with showing off your creativity is finding a way to show insane amounts of passion for your work. Craft a pitch with just the right amount of passion and moxie so that the influencer you want to reach can’t say no.

Just the facts, ma’am.

Keep your content short and to the point. Obviously, your content needs to be razor sharp and engaging. More importantly, it needs to be easily digestible. Getting the attention of a major influencer is a difficult task by itself but convincing them to wade through a lengthy introduction or setup to get to your main point is simply asking to be ignored.

Pucker up.

Flattery never hurt anyone. Who doesn’t like compliments or a personalized pitch? Be sure to make any potential influencer feel good about why they should help you. Saying some nice words and having a good attitude is an incredibly low risk, high reward way to strike up a conversation with an influencer.

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