data and creativity

10 May The Relationship Between Data & Creativity

My father had this great saying, desperation is the mother of creativity. Sure, in desperate times, (like a good battle or political crisis) creative solutions (like one you would have never thought unless you were being shot at or having CNN chase you down the street with a microphone) can be spurred on desperation. But when it comes to your marketing solutions, data inspires creativity. Data and creativity come together and are equally valuable to deliver great storytelling and reaching your targets.

Let’s think about your organization’s message.  It’s supposed to interact with real consumers. It should be persuasive, and informative, and ideally influence behavior.

Creativity is, of course, critical to this. No one doubts that. But data is a massive player in predicting and measuring the influence we can have. It may not come up with the creative solution that hits a home run, but it can tell you what pitch is likely to be thrown, where the outfield wall is, and whether the ball has gone over it or not. Data helps minimize that feedback and champion solutions that are bolder and more creative rather than less.

At Kadie Solutions, data (on your customers, on your organization) is at the core of our creativity.

Data can tell you the who, what, why, where, and how your customers want to buy your products. Armed with data allows us to provide better, strong and more accurate creativity. Data helps us relate to customers. And the more we know about your customers, the better we can message. The better the message, the bigger the sale. That is the true relationship between data and creativity.

Ask us how we can collect your data to help you maximize your success.