Brand Mistakes

15 May When Brands Go Bad: 4 Common Brand Mistakes

The value of a company brand cannot be overstated, particularly in this era of intense competition and the expanding landscape of e-commerce. A brand serves as a mark of uniqueness of your company’s products and services. More importantly, it connects you with your customers conveying recognition, reliability and trust. Companies with well-preserved brands succeed in maintaining viable relationships with their customer-base. They consistently deliver in all aspects of product, promotion, and customer service. If there’s a failure in any of these areas, a company with keen brand awareness will acknowledge and resolve the issue to keep business relationships intact and protect their reputation.

Here are 4 brand mistakes your company should avoid in the interest of keeping its brand intact:

Lack of communication

This is key both internally and externally. An organization should make interpersonal communications top priority to keep operations running smoothly and with transparency. When disconnects come into play where information isn’t disseminated properly, or misunderstandings are left without clarity or follow-up, that will inevitably impact client relations. You can’t deliver to your clients with full integrity if there are breaks in the chain of information. Miscommunications are almost a guarantee so making certain this aspect of your business is met with due diligence will only benefit the brand.

Outdated information

As mentioned, e-commerce is the leading forum of conducting business. Companies rely on websites as their main portal of information. If your company has an outstanding website with all of the bells and whistles but the content has lapsed into dated status, it projects a poor image to both existing and potential customers, and tarnishes the company brand. Make sure you have a team delegated to keeping your website and core information timely which includes correspondence, policies or terms of services, and any announcements that no longer have relevancy.

Overlooking questionable PR

Make all efforts to keep your PR as pristine as possible. If you’ve encountered external feedback that questions the quality of services, or presents an unfavorable critique of your business, make efforts to amend or respond to any negative or potentially harmful feedback. If it has merit, address where improvements can be made to your business. If it’s something that has reached a wide audience through the media, invest the time and effort in a marketing campaign that may help boost your image. Make efforts to reach out to others in your network and maintain a supportive community that can vouch for the integrity of your operation.

Ignoring Recommendations or Failing to directly address a customer’s concern

We all have a customer service horror story, and those seem to be the experiences that are easily recounted from memory. Shelving or patronizing a customer’s concern with, “we’ll look into it” or “we’ll get back to you” is an easy way to sour your relationship with that individual. Take time to dig into the matter of concern and follow-up in an actionable way. Make your customers feel they’re your priority. Always value customer recommendations as to how to improve operations and services. Integrate them into your ongoing stratagem to improve and strengthen your brand, as that will foster word-of-mouth referrals.

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