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Here are a few examples of how we deliver public relations and marketing solutions.

Positioning as an Expert

People who are experts in things can see differences in them that most can’t. We created quarterly market reports for the brokerage team (including content and research) which provided them with a tool and resource to develop very valuable (and profitable) relationships with their clients and be positioned as the expert.

Getting Heard through Social Media

It’s essential for a company to have a social media presence these days. We work with our clients to create buzz around their companies, show off their personalities, demonstrate thought leadership, and engage customers.

Engaging with Customers

Ask not how you can sell, but how you can help.

Here are a few examples of how our clients started the customer engagement process.

Why It Pays to Have Strong Press Contacts

Once in a while, a tremendous opportunity for exposure will knock on your door. How do you capitalize on it?


Our team worked with our client to maximize their thought and industry leadership at their recent annual conference. Capping off the end of a four-day annual conference, our client was featuring former Speaker John Boehner. Little did we know he would be making his first comments on healthcare since leaving office. Well, actually we did, because our team drafted the questions for the Speaker for his fireside chat with our client’s CEO.


But once Speaker Boehner finished his comments, and we had the b-roll in our hands, we placed our client on 75 different media outlets (in under 2 hours). That is what a strong list of press contacts can do for your organization—quick, rapid, effective press placements.


Check out some of our success here.

Public Relations for Small Business in the DMV Area
Public Relations for Small Business in the DMV Area
Public Relations for Small Business in the DMV Area

Maximizing Press Coverage

For one of our clients, maximizing press relationship is one of the top priorities. In our role, we cultivate new press contacts, as well as maintain the Washington, DC press relationships. On average, we place more than 500 stories a year through trade and DC political press, but very rarely does HIMSS receive national press coverage. But with each year, HIMSS leadership poses the question, how come we do not have any national press coverage? Health IT is not the sexiest of topics to be covered by the press, but when Peyton Manning showed up at the Annual Conference, the opportunity to develop national press relationships knocked on the door.

The timing could not have been more perfect. The first day of the conference, news outlets were reporting that Peyton Manning would be announcing his retirement. We decided to announce via PR Newswire and through an email to our current press roster that Peyton would be closing the conference. We received immediate interest from all the major networks and those 200 reporters already in attendance at HIMSS16. Our role was to coordinate press activity, credential, and provide information to reporters, in addition to provide details on the 50 other events being conducted during the week-long conference.

Our client received mentions on social media reaching more than 300,000 during HIMSS16; ESPN, Yahoo! and Fox News covered Peyton’s presence at HIMSS16. ESPN did two live remotes from the Conference site. Additional coverage included more than 50 trade publications.

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