5 Reasons to Outsource Marketing

23 Jun 5 Reasons to Outsource Marketing

In our recent blog, “When Is It Time To Call For Marketing Help”, we gave you a few reasons that you might be ready for help; like not having a clue what your ROI is in regards to your marketing dollars.

Let’s make it quick here with 5 reasons to outsource marketing:

Spend Less, Make More

You will more than likely spend LESS money when you outsource your marketing plan. Now, you are probably saying that there is no way that you can hire a team of marketing professionals and still be cost effective. Well, you would be wrong. The cost you would spend on using Kadie Solutions would probably cost less, per year, than a full-time marketing employee.

Get Some Perspective

Think of it like this. When you have personal issues with a partner or spouse, you like to vent and talk to a close friend or family member. I mean, we know they are going to support us and make us feel better. Well, your in-house marketing team might be the same way. They tend to get stuck in a rut and tell us we are doing great, and business is great, because that makes them look great; keeping you all one big happy family. By outsourcing, you can get a “therapist” view on your business and what it really needs to succeed. In our personal lives, we find it beneficial to go outside, get an objective point of view, and see things in a whole new light. Kadie Solutions can do the same thing for your business. We identify areas for growth, and are able to do so by not making it ‘personal’. We are able to tell you like it is, give you a solution, and measure the results.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Knowing your weaknesses, and finding someone to fill in, is the hallmark of a great leadership. Let’s look at your content—are you posting just to post or do you have something to say? Or maybe you are spending countless dollars on print media because that’s what has always been done in your business. What are the results from those campaigns? Are you getting results? Kadie Solutions brings fresh eyes on your business and can help tailor your marketing strategy so that it’s a real forward-looking plan, rather than just a bunch of to-do’s or tasks. Let us help!

Cherry Picking

So, you have a great graphic designer on staff. Top that with a wonderful database that drives sales and you’ve got this marketing thing all figured out, right? Not so much. You are farming out your social media to your executive assistant, and let’s be real, that’s not the top priority for his/her busy day (nor her expertise). The beauty of Kadie Solutions is that you can cherry pick and get the best services for your growing company. What would benefit you the most, social media expert, database guru, web designer? We are able to analyze your current marketing structure to offer you the best solutions to drive revenue.

Refresh Your Contacts

So your company is about to do something really big, like its first acquisition, for example. You’re a small start-up yourself; chances are you don’t know whom to contact to get that fabulous news out to the public. Kadie Solutions does! We have a great rolodex of contacts we would like to share your message. Let’s start connecting and preparing you to compete!

We hope you enjoyed these 5 reasons to outsource marketing! Have more tips to share? Give us a shout!